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Dispersive Clays, Related Piping, and Erosion in Geotechnical Projects


The symposium on Dispersive Clays, Related Piping, and Erosion in Geotechnical Projects was presented at the Seventy-ninth Annual Meeting of the American Society for Testing and Materials held in Chicago, Ill., 27 June - 2 July 1976. Committee D18 on Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes sponsored the symposium. J. L. Sherard, consulting engineer, and R. S. Decker, Hoskins-Western-Sonderegger, Inc., presided as symposium co-chairmen and editors of this publication.


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Chapter 1 — Introduction by S.J. Rand

Chapter 2 — Aviation Fuels by K.H. Strauss

Chapter 3 — Automotive Gasoline by L.M. Gibbs, B.R. Bonazza, R.L. Furey

Chapter 4 — Fuel Oxygenates by M.J. Herman

Chapter 5 — Crude Oils by H.N. Giles

Chapter 6 — Fuels for Land and Marine Diesel Engines and for Non-Aviation Gas Turbines by S.R. Westbrook

Chapter 7 — Burner, Heating, and Lighting Fuels by R. Gray, C.J. Martin

Chapter 8 — Properties of Petroleum Coke, Pitch, and Manufactured Carbon and Graphite by C.O. Mills, F.A. Iannuzzi

Chapter 9 — Methods for Assessing Stability and Cleanliness of Liquid Fuels by H.N. Giles

Chapter 10 — Lubricant Base Fluids by A.J. Stipanovic

Chapter 11 — Lubricating Oils by D. Wills

Chapter 12 — Automotive Engine Oil and Performance Testing by S.E. Schwartz, B. Calcut

Chapter 13 — Lubricating Greases by R. Shah

Chapter 14 — Methods for the Environmental Testing of Petroleum Products by M.L. Hinman

Chapter 15 — Quality Assurance of Test Method Performance by A.T. C. Lau

Chapter 16 — Gaseous Fuels and Light Hydrocarbons by R. Brunner

Chapter 17 — Sampling Techniques by P.W. Kosewicz

Chapter 18 — White Mineral Oils by C.M. Copeland

Chapter 19 — Petroleum Solvents by R.G. Montemayor

Chapter 20 — Petroleum Oils for Rubber by J.M. Long, A.D. Recchuite

Chapter 21 — Petroleum Waxes Including Petrolatums by A.R. Case

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