Economics of Water Resources: The Contributions of Dan Yaron

The primary focus of the book is the interaction between quantity and quality in water resource management at various levels and sectors. The chapters cover field, farm, and regional-level water allocation issues, as well as international aspects of water sharing. The book demonstrates the use of economic approaches such as linear and non-linear programming, dynamic programming, optimal control, uncertainty, and cooperative and non-cooperative game theory. Good work doesn't perish. The contributions of Dan Yaron summarized in this book represent four decades of analytical and policy work that is as relevant today as it has ever been. Economics of Water Resources: The Contributions of Dan Yaron will interest all students and professionals involved in water resource allocation, water quality aspects, irrigated agriculture, pollution-abatement programs, and in the interaction between irrigated agriculture, environment, and the urban sector. The book is recommended text for graduate courses in economics of water resources.
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