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Education 40.4


A\J's 2014 Education issue digs into what it means to get an environmental education – plus where to get one, what you can do with it, and why everyone should have one.


In this issue:

  • An inspiring feature essay by Natasha Milijasevic on the unique value of an environmental education.
  • Jane Goodall on why today`s grads make great leaders.
  • Grad profiles: what real alumni are doing with Canadian environmental degrees.
  • Our annual guide to environmental post-secondary programs across the country.
  • How we`ll get past the nuclear era`s fiscal meltdown. 
  • A creative Vancouverite`s success with at-home hydroponics.
  • How-to: A DIY solar water heater.
  • Methane-bleeding fracking wells.
  • A Q&A with racecar driver Leilani Münter.

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