Environmental Conservation Title 6B (NYCRR)


This title of the New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations contains the official text of volume 6B (Code 3865), covering environmental conservation, Division of Water Resources, and Classes and Standards of Quality and Purity Assigned to Fresh Surface and Tidal Salt Waters. Enhancements include historical notes and effective dates, and case notes explaining how courts and administrative agencies have ruled on gray areas of the law. Case law citations are updated to include later history, plus official and parallel citations. New York and federal cases from the past 10 years were reviewed to ensure that all relevant decisions were included.

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Summary Of Contents

  • Title 6 Environmental Conservation
    • Volume 6A (code 3840)
      • Fish and Wildlife
      • Lands and Forests
    • Volume 6A1 (code 3845)
      • Air Resources
        • Prevention and Control
      • Quality Services:
        • Pesticide Control
    • Volume 6A1a
      • Air Resources
        • Prevention and Control
    • Volume 6A1b
      • Air Resources
        • Air Quality
      • Quality Services
        • Presticide Control
    • Volume 6A2 (code 3850)
      • Quality Services:
        • Solid Wastes - State Aid
        • Beverage Container Returns
        • Waste Transporter Permits
    • Volume 6A2a (code 3853)
      • Quality Services:
        • Solid Wastes - Hazardous Waste
    • Volume 6A3 (code 3855)
      • Quality Services:
        • Radiation
        • Mined Land Reclamation
        • Noise
        • Contracts
        • Program Fees
    • Resource Management Services:
      • Land Use
      • Mineral Resources
      • Real Property
      • Land Acquisitions
      • Water Regulations
      • General Regulations
    • Volume 6A4 (code 3860)
      • State Aid
      • Law Enforcement
      • Independent Agencies within the Department
      • Division of Water Resources:
        • General Wetlands
        • Water Treatment Plants
        • Sewage
        • State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits
    • Volume 6B-6F
      • Division of Water Resources
      • Classes and Standards of Quality and Purity Assigned to Fresh Surface and Tidal Salt Waters
    • Volume 6B (code 3865)
      • Allegheny, Black, Chemung, Delaware, Genessee River Basins
    • Volume 6C (code 3870)
      • Housatonic, Lake Champlain, Lake Erie/Nigeria, Lake Ontario, Lower Hudson River Basins
    • Volume 6D (code 3875)
      • Lower Hudson River Basin
    • Volume 6D1 (code 3873)
      • Mohawk Waters, Nassau County Waters, New York City Water Series
    • Volume 6E (code 3880)
      • Oswego River Basin
    • Volume 6E1 (code 3883)
      • St. Lawrence, Suffolk County River Basins
    • Volume 6F (code 3885)
      • Susquehanna, Upper East and Long Island Sound, Upper Hudson River Basins 

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