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Fate of Pesticides in the Atmosphere - Implications for Environmental Risk Assessment

This volume contains the proceedings of an international workshop on the issue of 'Fate of Pesticides in the Atmosphere - Implications for Risk Assessment' held in 1998 in The Netherlands. Topics include emission, dispersion, transport and transformations of pesticides in the atmosphere, and the ecotoxicological risks of pesticides in remote areas. Laboratory and field measurements are reviewed, and modeling of the atmospheric processes that affect pesticides are discussed. Various risk assessment approaches are presented, and possible statutory environmental criteria that could be incorporated into pesticide regulation in order to limit their atmospheric dispersion are explored. This is the first book to present a complete review of the science of this subject with the aim of investigating the possibilities of incorporating long-range transport potential of pesticides into protocols for estimating their environmental risks and their registration. This book will be important for atmospheric and pesticide scientists, pesticide manufacturers, pesticide regulators, and risk assessors.
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