Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, 31st Volume


The latest volume in this on-going series examines a broad range of topics, including advances in analysis and predictive capability, behavior of new and emerging materials, design tools and approaches to control failures, accelerated testing, and industrial applications.

29 peer-reviewed papers, written by leading experts worldwide are divided into 5 sections:

Swedlow Memorial Lecture--addresses undergraduate educational needs in the area of fatigue and fracture.

Keynote Tributes to George Irwin--summarizes some of the most important contributions of Dr. George R. Irwin, the father of modern fracture mechanics.

Cyclic Stress-Strain and Fatigue Resistance--provides experimental or analytical insight into approaches for the evaluation of the cyclic durability resistance of engineering materials.

Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics--examines methods of how to apply this technology to low-strength structural materials used in most civil, oceanographic, power plant, and automotive applications.

Crack Analyses and Application to Structural Integrity--investigates advances in crack analyses, fatigue crack growth behavior, and structural applications.


• Civil, Mechanical, Structural, and Automotive Engineers

• Power Plant Personnel

• Educators

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