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Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Environments, 11th Volume

This new volume provides 32 peer-reviewed papers covering:

Ignition and Combustion of Nonmetals—focuses on the results of an experimental study on the ignition of fire retarded polyurethane foam in oxygen concentrations from 30% to 60%; frictional ignition testing of composite materials; pneumatic-impact ignition of sebum oil film in high-pressure oxygen; and ignition of non-metals in a study conducted to characterize the flammability of commonly used surgical drapes by their oxygen index.

Ignition and Combustion of Metals—presents a study on promoted combustion of metals in ambient and elevated temperatures; high temperature ignition of metals in oxygen; heated promoted combustion tests from the industry-sponsored 98-1 program; study on surface ignition of aluminum in oxygen; and the effect of sample geometry on flammability of carbon steel in oxygen.

Oxygen Compatibility of Components and Systems—discusses a BAM study on the transfer of tests on materials to valves and fittings in real life situations; oxygen compatibility assessment on components and systems; a study on mechanical impact of aluminum cylinders pressurized with oxygen; and an explanation of why the adiabatic compression test was proposed for the qualification of oxygen-compatible equipment such as valves, regulators, and flexhoses.

Analysis of Ignition and Combustion—provides a review on a relatively little investigated ignition mechanism (flow friction).

Failure Analysis and Safety—covers oxygen cylinders; fires in the P-3 aircraft oxygen system; analysis and hazard mitigation of the life-support oxygen system on Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion Spacecraft; investigation of oxygen-acetylene flashback reactions in welding hoses; and analysis tools used to evaluate oxygen hazards and the oxygen compatibility of metals.

Aerospace Applications—discusses electrical arc ignition testing of spacesuit materials; proficiency testing for evaluating aerospace materials test anomalies; comparison of carbon dioxide and helium as fire extinguishing agents for spacecraft; regression rate of the melting interface for iron burning in normal-gravity and reduced-gravity; proactive mitigation of PCTFE-related ignition hazards in oxygen systems; testing of inventoried "at-risk" PCTFE parts, and hazards analyses of corresponding ground service equipment at the Kennedy Space Center

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