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Replacing Common Core: Choices and Tradeoffs

by The Heartland Institute

The coerced adoption of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by 46 states across the United States, often without public input, has generated tremendous controversy, concern, and efforts to repeal the standards.;

The Future of Social Security

by The Heartland Institute

The future of Social Security will be among the top issues in the 2016 presidential election. Ferrara, who has been writing about Social Security since the 1980s, thinks the time for reform is fast approaching: Under what the government’s actuaries call “intermediate” economic assumptions, the [Social Security] trust funds will ...;

Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming

by The Heartland Institute

The most important fact about climate science, often overlooked, is that scientists disagree about the environmental impacts of the combustion of fossil fuels on the global climate. There is no survey or study showing “consensus” on the most important scientific issues, despite frequent claims by advocates to the contrary.;

Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

by IWA Publishing

Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater deals with advanced technological solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater such as aerobic granular biomass based systems, advanced oxidation processes integrated with biological treatments, membrane contactors and membrane chemical reactors. Wastewater ...;

Integrated Assessment for Water Framework Directive Implementation: Data, Economic and Human Dimension

by IWA Publishing

Special Offer: Water Framework Directive Series Set Click here to buy all four titles including Volume 3 and Save £100! Implementing the comprehensive Water Framework Directive requires a thorough planning process that consists of several consecutive steps. The least one can say is that it is a challenging task which needs appropriate ICT tools ...;

Integrated High Resolution Imaging Radar and Decision Support System for the rehabilitation of WATER PIPElines

by IWA Publishing

Many EU cities are experiencing increasing problems with their water pipeline infrastructure. The cost of replacing these old, worn-out systems, if left to deteriorate beyond repair, is astronomical and clearly beyond the resources of many communities. Replacement, however, is not the only choice as many of these systems can be rehabilitated at 30 ...;

SEMI Secondary Fab Equipment Report

by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

A report covering the market size for secondary fab equipment for 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm applications.;

Market and Technology Trends in Materials and Equipment for Printed & Flexible Electronics Report

by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

Report from Yole Developpement identifying trends and opportunities for printed & flexible electronics. 20% discount for SEMI members.;

The Smart Grid Business 2012 to 2017

by Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd

The definitive resource for Smart Grid Research, combining clearly defined Market Sizing Statistics with Financial Analysis of Merger, Acquisition and Investment.Why Buy this Report?Get valuable information about the size and structure of the Smart Grid business. What is the forecast demand for Smart Grid products to 2017?;

Global Deployment of Utility Meters Forecasting Database and Industry Overview 2013

by NRG Expert

The electricity metering market alone expects investment of US$12 billion by 2015. This product provides in-depth insight into what is going on in this fast growing market. The database contains a worldwide, multi-meter overview which lists the value per utility metering segment for the year 2012, forecast to the year 2016. It shows where ...;

Global Renewables Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

This global renewables market research report provides a full overview of all of the renewable energy sources, technologies, and the renewable energy companies that provide them. The report analyses their current stages of development for each renewable energy resource, their advantages and disadvantages and their current and potential ...;

Global Hydro Power Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

NRG Expert provides a hydro power market research report which looks at the contribution of Hydro Power to the Energy Mix. The report contains a full hydro power analysis of hydro power developments, hydro power facts and hydro power statistics worldwide and by country. The market research outlines each country’s hydro electric generating ...;

Global Ocean Energy Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

This new ocean energy market research report looks at the key market drivers for the global Ocean Energy market. The report includes a full analysis of the ocean energy industry including ocean energy technology and resources. The report also outlines the key ocean energy statistics, facts and data and ocean energy forecasts.;

Global Electricity Deregulation – Market Research Report

by NRG Expert

This report is a by-country look at the state of electricity deregulation on a global scale. Among other things, it provides a global perspective on electricity regulation and rules, the impact of deregulation and the influence on electricity prices of these changes. It offers essential intelligence to help understand the effects of electricity ...;

Global Water Deregulation – Market Research Report

by NRG Expert

This NRG Expert report provides a by-country look at the deregulation of water utilities and suppliers worldwide. It also includes an overview of the waste-water treatment suppliers per country. National and international water regulations are presented along with an analysis of compliance per country and subdivision. It is essential information ...;

Global Oil Reserves & Shale Oil Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

This NRG Expert Global Oil Reserves and Shale Oil market research report provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the global shale oil market. It looks at global oil and gas reserves, oil supply and demand, unconventional and frontier oil and gas reserves. It also reviews the economics, the environment and the major shale oil countries. ...;

Global Natural Gas Report – Market Research

by NRG Expert

The NRG Expert Natural Gas Report provides an analysis of the global natural gas market and its future development. It includes natural gas prices, known supplies, future directions for the market, potential or unconventional uses of natural gas and NGLs, coverage of natural gas markets at the country level, an in-depth analysis of the major ...;

Drinking Water Scams Exposed!

by Waterwise, Inc

This special Waterwisdom report exposes H2O scams. Shocking truths are revealed about tap, distilled, well, mineral, spring, filtered, alkalized, bottled, reverse osmosis and much more. Which one should you drink? We should consume about 2,920 glasses (182 gallons) every year...learn the truth...drink the purest!;

Electricity Transmission and Distribution Report and Database

by NRG Expert

This NRG Expert market research report and database provides a detailed overview of the electricity Transmission and Distribution Industry with forecasted data to 2016. The database consists of 1 global data summary and 9 individual region Microsoft® Excel (xlsx.) files. The report presents a background to the electrical supply industry ...;

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