Geodynamics of Lithosphere and Earth´s Mantle

Plate tectonics has significantly broadened our view of the dynamics of continental evolution, involving both the processes currently active at the surface and those extending deep into the interior of the Earth. Seismic anisotropy provides some of the most diagnostic evidence for mapping past and present deformation of the entire crustmantle system. This volume contains papers presented originally at an international workshop at the Chateau of Trest in the Czech Republic in 1996. This workshop brought together geophysicists and geologists who work in the field of observational and theoretical seismology, mineral and rock physics, gravity studies and geodynamic modelling. Topics include large-scale anisotropy of the Earth's mantle, mantle heterogeneity vs. anisotropy 3-D velocity and density structures and inferences on mantle dynamics, mineral and rock physics studies, and mathematical aspects of complex wave propagation.
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