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Myanmar is a country vastly rich in gold, silver, base metals, tin–tungsten, gems and hydrocarbons and is one of the last exploration frontiers remaining in the world. Tectonically Myanmar lies at the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountain Chain and over the last 50 Ma has been profoundly affected by the collision between India and Eurasia, which is still ongoing, with frequent destructive earthquakes.

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Nov. 2017

Recent advances have been made in understanding the results of the collision, through the study of geochronology, seismicity, stratigraphy and structure. The development of a systematic mapping programme has been restricted by problems of access, due to limited infrastructure and armed insurgencies, meaning that large areas of the country have not been explored adequately. Recent political changes and reforms, with reconciliations with various ethnic groups, however, will permit access to large areas in Kayin, Kayah, Shan and Kachin States, enabling further research and exploration in new crustal blocks and terranes. In this Memoir a group of Myanmar and international geologists have combined to include all that is currently known about the geology of Myanmar, its mineral and energy resources and its tectonic development.

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