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Geomechanics and Fluidodynamics

This monograph is based on subsurface hydrodynamics and applied geomechanics and puts it in a unifying framework. It focuses on the understanding of physical and mechanical properties of geomaterials by presenting mathematical models of deformation and fracture with related experiments. Borehole stability and water, gas and oil reservoir states are studied, and the actions of underground explosion and hydrofracture are described. Gas-condensate flows, permafrost and gas-hydrated soil changes, electrokinetic effects and dilatancy are considered. The theory of seismic waves, including their nonlinear evolution, is given. The structure and rheology of the lithosphere under high pressure and temperature conditions are discussed. The fluid dynamics of the Earth's crust is related to convection and mass-transfer phenomena. The basic concepts of tectonophysics and earthquake mechanics are connected to tectonic stress transmission, release at earthquake events, and solar system oscillations. Audience: A monograph for experts in soil, gas and water recovery, reservoir engineering, porous media research, mining, geophysics and geodynamics.
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