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Geotechnics of High Water Content Materials


STP 1374, written by worldwide experts in their field, examines a broad range of topics covering the latest geotechnical engineering developments in high water content materials. Emphasis is given to construction on marginal lands and disposal of high water content waste materials. Various types of high water content materials are explored, including peats and organic soils, soft silts and clays, bentonite slurries, paper sludges, wastewater sludges, dredgings, lime wastes, and mine tailings. Papers also explore geotechnical problems, including handling and disposal, dewatering, stabilization, hydraulic performance, settlement, stability, in situ testing, and construction.

26 peer-reviewed chapters in 4 sections cover:

• Fundamentals, Theory, and Modeling

• Laboratory Investigations

• Field Performance

• Case Histories

This publication will benefit engineers, including geotechnical, geoenvironmental, environmental, civil, mining, highway, military, materials, and consultants; also grading contractors. ASBESTOS CONTROL: Surveys, Removal, and Management—Second Edition
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Table of Contents

Author Andrew F. Oberta

Chapter 1: Holistic Approach to Asbestos Control

Chapter 2: Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys
Baseline Surveys
Planning the Survey
Obtaining and Reviewing Information
Conducting Fieldwork
Analyzing the Bulk Samples
Analytical Methodology
Positive Stop
Preparing a Report
Project Design Surveys
Limits of Abatement and Phases of Work
Removal of Concealed ACM
Emergencies and Essential Services
Building Systems
Enclosures and Decontamination Facilities
Contractor Accommodations
Material Testing and Inspection
Quantification of ACM

Chapter 3: Assessment of Asbestos-Containing Materials
Qualitative Assessment Protocol
Current Condition
Potential for Disturbance
Physical Disturbance
Environmental Disturbance
Quantitative Assessment Protocol

Chapter 4: Abatement Projects—Removal of Asbestos-Containing Materials
Asbestos Abatement—Gross Removal Projects
Abatement Project Design
Abatement Drawings
Abatement Specifications
Bid Solicitation
The Pre-Bid Conference
During the Project
Differing Site Conditions
Inspection During Area Preparation
Inspection During Asbestos Removal
Inspections at the Conclusion of the Project
Complete Removal of ACM and Surface Residue
Inspect for Completeness of Removal
Apply Sealer to Substrate or Components
Clean and Remove Plastic from Protected Surfaces
Perform Final Cleaning Inside Enclosure
Inspect for Completeness of Clean up
Perform Air Sampling and Analysis for Clearance
Dismantle Critical Barriers and Decontamination Facilities
Documentation and Certificate of Completion

Chapter 5: Abatement Projects—Beyond The Basic Ceiling Scrape
Floor Coverings
Resilient floor tile
Sheet vinyl flooring
Other Miscellaneous Materials
Wallboard Joint Compound
Asbestos-Cement Products
Alternative Abatement Methods
Use of Glove Bags for Abatement
Abatement with Mini-Enclosures
Dismantling Components with Intact ACM
Encapsulation for Abatement Projects
Abatement in Crawl Spaces
Contaminated Outdoor Sites

Chapter 6: Operations and Maintenance—Living with Asbestos
Definitions and Limitations of O&M
Visual Inspection for O&M Activities
Before the Work Begins
During the Work
At the Conclusion of the Work
Negative Exposure Assessments
O&M for Asbestos-Cement Products

Chapter 7: Respiratory Protection and Other Precautions
Respiratory Protection
Safety Precautions for Surveys and Abatement Projects
Elevated Working Surfaces
Electrical Circuits
Fire and Emergency Egress
Chemical Hazards
Brief Exercise On Safety

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