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Global Climate Change:

A Sustainable Energy Future: Steps to Reduce US Carbon Dioxide Emissions; R.M. Friedman, R.M. Bierbaum. Energy Efficiency, Human Activities, and Climate Change; L. Schipper. Integrating Energy, Economy, and Environmental Concerns: No Regrets Tax Reform; A. Cristofaro. Multiple Benefits Environmental Policy; D. Dudek. Implications for Decision Making: Government Perspectives; H. Gruenspecht. Auto Industry Perspectives; S.A. Leonard. Strategies for International Negotiations: Status of Framework Convention Talks; D.A. Reifsnyder. Equity in International Agreements; R. Stewart. The Ethics of Living in a Global Greenhouse: Corporate and Personal Responsibility; D. Jamieson. Intergenerational Equity; D. MacLean. Examining the Linkages: Designing a Carbon Tax Strategy; R. Dower. A Congressional View of Workable Linkages; J.D. Dingell. 23 additional articles. Index.
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