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Global Climate Change and U.S. Law

Because global climate change presents extraordinary challenges to the environment and the economy of United States as well as those of other nations, the debate about how to effectively implement more climate-friendly policies is sure to continue and amplify. The scientific case for strong action is becoming more compelling every month, and opinion polls show that the American public increasingly agrees. The law will play an important part in developing mechanisms to protect the climate, such as conserving energy, using renewable sources of energy, and implementing emission caps and trading programs.
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Apr. 2007
Global Climate Change and U.S. Law provides comprehensive coverage of the country`s law as it relates to global climate change. After a summary of the factual and scientific background, Part I outlines the international and national legal framework of climate change regulation and associated litigation. Part II describes emerging regional, state and local actions, and includes a 50-state survey. Part III covers issues of concern to corporations, including disclosure, fiduciary duties, insurance, and subsidies. Part IV examines the legal aspects of efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, such as voluntary efforts, emissions trading, and carbon sequestration. Global Climate Change and U.S. Law includes key resource aids, including a glossary of climate related terms, a list of acronyms, extensive endnotes, and a comprehensive index.

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