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Green Productivity and Cleaner Production


Green Productivity and Cleaner Production: A Guidebook for Sustainability focuses on green production processes that could help better achieve global sustainability. It aids readers in realizing the issues with current conventional productivity initiatives and examines the newest methods. Also, it presents numerous real-world applications techniques, which allows users the ability to apply the most appropriate solutions for their situations. Further, it explains measures to achieve green productivity and cleaner production to help to maintain high quality, sustainable production chains while simultaneously conserving natural resources and reducing waste.

Oct. 2020


    • Examines the core theories and techniques for green productivity, waste management, end-of-pipe treatment methods, sustainable production technologies, and cleaner production.

    • Written with a simple and easily understandable presentation, applicable for both undergraduate students and practicing professionals alike.

    • Provides guidance on how to use different tools and techniques in various problem-solving scenarios.

    • Focuses on greening production processes as an initiation to achieve global environmental sustainability.

  • Includes numerous illustrations, along with practical examples and tools helpful for readers to understand and apply the approaches presented throughout.

The subjects covered inGreen Productivity and Cleaner Production: A Guidebook for Sustainabilityare of interest to students, researchers, academicians, and professionals in various industries.


Basic approaches for green productivity. Green productivity. Green productivity tools and techniques. End-of-pipe treatment techniques. Cleaner production.

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