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Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Chemicals


The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China published two drafts for the Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Chemicals and Guidelines for Hazard Identification of New Chemical Substances and consulted publically for comments.

Authors / Editors:
€150 (with a free update to final version)

These documents are essential standards that provide guidance to enable fulfillment of the regular notification requirements of China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN) - Measures on Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances. In line with the guidance of China NCSN, the minimum requirements for regular notification include physicochemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological test reports and a risk assessment report.

This document is a translated copy of “The Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Chemicals, China”. REACH24H Consulting Group has undertaken to translate the full Chinese legal text to help non-Chinese companies understand and comply with obligations arising from this new chemical legislation.


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Applicable Scope
  • Chapter 2: Normative References
  • Chapter 3: Terms and Definitions
  • Chapter 4: Assessment Procedure
  • Chapter 5: Qualitative Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Chapter 6: Quantitative Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Chapter 7: Qualitative Health Risk Assessment
  • Appendix A
  • A.1 Identification of PBT or vPvB Substances
  • A.2 Hazard Characterization of PBT or vPvB Substances
  • A.3 Exposure Assessment of PBT or vPvB Substances
  • A.4 Risk Characterization & Risk Management Measures of PBT/vPvB Substances
  • Appendix B: Chemical Risk Assessment Models, Formulae, Parameters and Calculating Methods
  • Appendix C: Qualitative Uncertainty Analysis


  • This Guideline is intended to provide guidance to chemical manufacturers and importers on how to perform risk assessment for chemical substances.
  • The Guidelines specify the principles, content, procedures, methods and technical requirements of chemical substance risk assessment. The hazard identification of new chemical substances shall be implemented according to the provisions of HJ 154-201X.
  • The Guidelines provide a comprehensive overview on conducting qualitative environmental and health risk assessments and quantitative environmental risk assessments. Formulae, models and uncertainty guidance are provided in the appendices.
  • Due to its property as a draft for comments, several parts are still under discussion and undetermined, e.g. the date of issue and implementation, and the department for explanation. All these issues will be confirmed in the final version.
  • Once the final version of this guideline is available, REACH24H Consulting Group will update this English version document as soon as possible.

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