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Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies

This book examines the health effects of waste deposit sites, incinerators and other options for waste management, focusing in particular on the impacts of halogenated hydrocarbons, and byproducts of incineration. These results are linked with waste policy options, of which reviews in four EU countries and the United States are provided. Scientific arguments which can be used in an environmental health-based waste policy in the future are advocated. This volume contains the proceedings of a workshop which was organized at the 'Hippocrates Foundation' in Kos, Greece, on November 12-14, 1998, as an integral part of the ASPIS project, which aims at raising awareness of environmental health impacts and educating decision-makers. As such, this work addresses a wide, multidisciplinary readership, including environmental decision-makers, medical doctors, environmental experts, postgraduate students, lawyers, engineers, and journalists
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