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The following documents have been removed from the CTI Publication Manual and/or the CTI Manual either because they are considered no longer feasible, considered inaccurate per current technology, or not permitted due to environmental concerns. However, the documents do contain valuable information for the industry as historical documents. These documents are only available in .pdf format.


 PTG-116 Recommended Recirculation Allowances $8.00
Application of average recirculation to wet bulb temperature to obtain design inlet wet bulb temperature corrected for recirculation. April 1959

Bid Forms:
The inquiry and Bid Form is used to show minimum information that is necessary to include inquiries and to show all pertinent data on the requested bids. Cooling tower purchasers use this form with their inquiries by filling out all the information marked with an asterisk (*). Manufacturers then return their bids on this form. This assures the purchaser of receiving adequate information on all bids. It also facilitates the comparison of bids by furnishing the same information in the same place on all bids. Further, it establishes uniform units for the various data. July 1993

PTG-118 SF/FA (Factory Assembled) $5.00

PTG-118 SF/FE (Field Erected) $5.00

WTG-129 Handling Water Treatment Chemicals Safely $8.00
Laminated poster for use where chemicals are handled. General and emergency procedures. December 1996

WTG-132 Supervisory Guide Handling Water Treatment Chemicals $8.00
A guide for first-line supervisors responsible for cooling tower treatment operations. October 1984

STD-201 Standard for Thermal Performance Certification of Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment $40.00
This Standard sets forth a program whereby the Cooling Tower Institute will certify that all models of a line of evaporative heat rejection equipment offered for sale by a specific Manufacturer will perform thermally in accordance with the Manufacturer’s published ratings, as limited in Paragraph 4.5. Revised April 2011

Chapter 5 - Field Test Handbook (April 1998) $30.00
The purpose of this Chapter is to list convenient formulas, conversions factors, tables, etc. that will be helpful in conducting cooling tower performance tests and evaluating the resulting test data. April 1998

ESB-104 Wood Maintenance $12.00
This is a report of 10 years field study of operating towers and eight preservative treatments. Discuss types of deterioration and means of prevention through water treating and preservative treatments. Tables and graphs of field study data, photographs of typical types of deterioration. Reviewed October 2014

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