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History of Tribology, 2nd Edition


More than 20 years since completion of the first edition of this book and it is recognized that HISTORY OF TRIBOLOGY has become a widely used reference book. During the intervening years tribology has become a much more important aspect of science and technology and an internationally recognized field of study and industrial application.

Having completely revised and updated his classic volume, Duncan Dowson--the father of tribology--takes his account of the subject from the earliest times, to include the latest developments up to and including present day. The survey is broad in time, place, and subject. All the major periods in the history of science and technology are recognized eras of scientific development. This immense historical survey has been written for all those concerned with tribology in the belief that future developments can benefit greatly from lessons learned from the achievements and problems of the past.

Features lavishly illustrated with photographs, diagrams and line drawings and 12 chapters covering:

• Chronology

• Prehistoric Times--Before c. 3500 B.C.

• Early Civilizations

• Greek and Roman Period

• Middle Ages

• Renaissance

• Industrial Revolution--Early Scientific Studies of Friction

• Industrial Revolution

• Mineral Oil and Scientific Studies of Lubrication A.D. 1850-1925

• Tribology 1925--The Present

• Towards the Millennium, 1977-1997

• Introduction to 1998 supplement to Appendix--Men of Tribology

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