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INSULATION MATERIALS: Testing and Applications, Fourth Volume


Twenty-seven peer-reviewed papers give you the latest research in thermal engineering. Topics cover:

Materials—vacuum panel insulations, a new category of high performance products, are used wherever high thermal resistance is desired in confined space applications, such as transportation, equipment, and appliances.

Global Climate Changes—the cellular plastics insulation industry is re-engineering their products to address global climate change issues associated with their blowing agents.

Interlaboratory Round-Robin Tests—the precision and bias of current test methods are examined.

Moisture-Related Material Properties—a relevant topic because of the greater number of building envelope failures which appear to be caused by improper moisture control.

STP 1426 is a valuable resource for insulation contractors, manufacturers, and installers; building science professionals; architects, and energy analysts. Over the last five years, SIGNIFICANT ADVANCES have been made in many aspects of THERMAL ENGINEERING and BUILDING SCIENCE. Find out what they are in STP 1426.

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