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Biological Wastewater Treatment: Third Edition

by IWA Publishing

Written by experts in the field, the thoroughly updated 3rd Edition of Biological Wastewater Treatment covers commonly used and emerging suspended and attached growth reactors. Drawing on their extensive academic and industrial experience, the authors discuss combined carbon and ammonia oxidation, activated sludge, biological nutrient removal, ...;

Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processes and Technologies

by IWA Publishing

 Features Covers emerging applications of nanotechnology for wastewater treatment Includes integrated cost-based design methodologies Focuses on the design of main treatment units Includes auxiliary units such as primary settler, final settler, sludge digester, and thickener Provides tables, equations, figures, and graphs Includes case studies and ...;

Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment and Engineering

by IWA Publishing

Explores the fundamental concepts of sustainable wastewater treatment Uses the concept of mass balance to develop models applicable to various unit processes Examines energy production from wastewater treatment with calculations Addresses U.S. EPA and international standards Covers recent advances in nutrient removal concepts and technologies ...;

Anaerobic Biotechnology

by World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Environmental protection and resource recovery are two crucial issues facing our society in the 21st century. Anaerobic biotechnology has become widely accepted by the wastewater industry as the better alternative to the more conventional but costly aerobic process and tens of thousands of full-scale facilities using this technology have been ...;

Environmental Anaerobic Technology

by World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Anaerobic technology has become widely accepted by the environmental industry as a cost-effective alternative to the conventional aerobic process. In addition, with the intrinsic advantages of energy saving, reduced sludge yield, and production of biofuel, anaerobic process will be the favored green treatment technology for sustainable environment ...;

Effect of Aluminum and Iron on Odors, Digestion Efficiency, and Dewatering Properties

by IWA Publishing

This study was designed to be a follow up of the WERF III (Adams, et al., 2007) odor study. It was found in the WERF III study that iron and aluminum appeared to play important roles in odor generation so some additional data was sought to determine the role these play in determining odor. In this portion of the study, the impact of iron and ...;

Microbes at Work

by Springer

Among the goals of environmentally sound waste treatment is the recycling of organic wastes. The most practiced options are composting and anaerobic digestion, both processes being carried out by microorganisms. This book provides an overview of the various ways microbes are doing their job and gives the reader an impression of their potential. ...;

Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

This text introduces fundamental principles and practical applications of biomass-to-renewable energy processes. The biological processes discussed include anaerobic digestion of waste materials for biogas and hydrogen production, bioethanol and biobutanol production from starch and cellulose, and biodiesel production from plant oils. The thermal ...;

Water Resource News

by Agra Informa Ltd

Latest Issue Water Resource News reports on water availability and water scarcity. Providing news and features on water conservation, stewardship and water footprinting for CSR, it covers rainwater harvesting, reuse and anaerobic digestion. It reports on water infrastructure and law, tracking the Water Framework Directive, whilst the flood and ...;

Biological Wastewater Treatment, Third Edition

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Written by experts in the field, this thoroughly updated third edition covers commonly used and emerging suspended and attached growth reactors. Drawing on their extensive academic and industrial experience, the authors discuss combined carbon and ammonia oxidation, activated sludge, biological nutrient removal, aerobic digestion, anaerobic ...;

Sewage Treatment Plants: Economic Evaluation of Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficiency

by IWA Publishing

Sewage Treatment Plants: Economic Evaluation of Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficiency aims to show how cost saving can be achieved in sewage treatment plants through implementation of novel, energy efficient technologies or modification of the conventional, energy demanding treatment facilities towards the concept of energy streamlining. ...;

Sustainable Food Waste Evaluation

by IWA Publishing

Available as eBook only According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA, 2011), over 34 million tons of food waste are generated annually in the United States. The agency further reports that almost all of this waste is landfilled. Based on these estimates, food waste is the second greatest category of waste generated in the ...;

Report 4130: The Bioenergy Industry

by Environmental Business International (EBI)

Report 4130: The Bioenergy Industry examines the biopower sector, including companies in biomass gasification, anaerobic digestion, landfill-gas-to-energy and conventional combustion. It also covers the ethanol sector and emerging algae and cellulosic technology. This 67-page report includes charts of growth forecasts for the U.S. bioenergy ...;

Evaluation of Processes to Reduce Activated Sludge Solids Generation and Disposal

by IWA Publishing

This project will deal with a number of aspects of WAS-only-reduction technologies for both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications. The objectives of this project include the following: Developing an evaluation methodology that can be used to independently assess the effectiveness of WAS-reduction technologies Demonstrating the ...;

Smart Energy Resources Guide (EPA 600-R-08-049)

by USEPA - Technology Innovation and Field Services Division (TIFSD)

This document discusses many opportunities to reduce emissions due to energy use from remediation activities. Examples include energy efficiency upgrades, implementing on-site renewable energy projects, and carbon sequestration. An overview of renewable energy technologies is presented including costs, availability, applicability, estimated ...;

Composting Manure For Value-Added Products

by BioCycle Magazine

This new report provides significant data on how composted manure fulfills soil needs for microbial vitality as well as nutrient management. Composting Manure for Value-Added Products describes the new driving forces to turn manure from a disposal headache into a productive resource. Options for composting run the full gamut of windrow techniques, ...;

Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment: Second Edition

by IWA Publishing

The scope of this comprehensive new edition of Handbook of Biological Wastewater Treatment ranges from the design of the activated sludge system, final settlers, auxiliary units (sludge thickeners and digesters) to pre-treatment units such as primary settlers and UASB reactors. The core of the book deals with the optimized design of biological and ...;

Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of Sludge

by IWA Publishing

The adoption of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive requires sewage sludge to be subsequently treated and the Sewage Sludge Directive regulates the uses and properties of stabilised sludge for being either recycled or disposed. Both directives drive specific actions in two complementary ways. Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of ...;

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