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Indoor Air Pollution

by Springer

Indoor Air Pollution has become a major topic in environmental research and health. Most people spend more than 80% of their time in buildings and are exposed to a broad range of pollutants from indoor sources such as building materials, furniture, carpets and textiles, heating and cooking, household and consumer products, etc. The volume provides ...;

Essential Environment 34th Edition A Comprehensive Guide to UK and EU Environmental Protection Legislation

by Environmental Technology Publications Ltd

ILM Publications has published the 34th Edition of Essential Environment in partnership with Environmental Protection UK. Essential Environment (formerly the Pollution Control Handbook) is the comprehensive guide to UK and EU environmental protection legislation. Written in clear, simple language, the 2012 Essential Environment handbook cuts ...;

Indoor Air Quality Engineering: Environmental Health and Control of Indoor Pollutants

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Written by experts, Indoor Air Quality Engineering offers practical strategies to construct, test, modify, and renovate industrial structures and processes to minimize and inhibit contaminant formation, distribution, and accumulation. The authors analyze the chemical and physical phenomena affecting contaminant generation to optimize system ...;

Indoor Air Quality Engineering

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Engineers are increasingly faced with indoor air quality issues, particularly in the design of ventilation and filtration systems and airborne contaminant removal. Because this specialty has only recently gained momentum, resources have been limited to scattered research papers on this topic, until now.Indoor Air Quality Engineering covers a wide ...;

Characterizing Sources of Indoor Air Pollution and Related Sink Effects

by ASTM International

STP 1287 features state of the art information from leading experts in the field on indoor air pollution sources and their potential interactions with indoor sinks. In addition to a comprehensive overview of source/sink characterization methods, there are 29 peer-reviewed papers. Researchers and practitioners in the public and private sector from ...;

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals

by Springer

The contents of Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals are arranged in six main sections. The first section deals with the major issues related to indoor air quality in hospitals, reviewed from North American, Scandinavian, Italian and Russian perspectives. The second section discusses the ventilation requirements in hospitals, ...;

Modeling of Indoor Air Quality and Exposure

by ASTM International

Provides you with both the underlying theory and examples of practical applications of models. 20 peer-reviewed papers discuss: • interactions between sources and sinks of indoor air pollution• problem areas related to model validation and their solutions• application of models to evaluate ventilation performance and indoor air ...;

Air Pollution XV

by WIT Press

Publishing papers from the Fifteenth International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution, this book features articles on the latest developments in air pollution analysis and control. It covers the topic areas of Air pollution modelling; Air quality management; Emission studies; Monitoring and laboratory studies; ...;

Air Pollution and Health

by Royal Society of Chemistry

The impact of air pollution on human health is currently of international concern. A comprehensive review of the subject is given in this volume, which complements the previous title covering air quality management. Dealing with the common gaseous and particulate air pollutants, including chemical carcinogens, it reviews the epidemiological and ...;

Design and Protocol for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

by ASTM International

Case studies and technical papers describe indoor air investigations in residential and commercial buildings, test protocol, and monitoring techniques. Pollutants such as radon, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds are discussed.;

Indoor Environmental Quality

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

When we think of indoor pollution, we usually think of conditions originating from faulty ventilation systems, second hand smoke, and other air borne pollutants. Taking an in-depth, hard science look at the problems of indoor environmental pollution, Indoor Environmental Quality covers all the major indoor contaminants - inorganic, organic, and ...;

Health Effects of Ambient Air Pollution

by Springer

Health Effects of Ambient Air Pollution provides the reader with an overview of the health effects of air pollution in human subjects. The majority of the book is devoted to the discussion of the health effects of common widespread air pollutants regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through national ambient air quality ...;

Air Quality Modeling, Vol. II

by Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA)

Volume II: Theories, Methodologies, Computational Techniques, and Available Databases & Software: This is the second volume of a new book series from A&WMA and the EnviroComp Institute focusing on the evolving field of air quality modeling. This volume takes an in-depth look at some advanced topics of air pollution modeling, such as ...;

Building Air Change Rate and Infiltration Measurements

by ASTM International

Extensive discussions on air infiltration measurements, standards, and the significance of air change rates on such factors as HVAC energy consumption, building design and codes, and indoor air pollution.;

The Science of Air: Concepts and Applications, Second Edition

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

This one-of-a-kind, completely revised volume presents the latest research on global climate change, air pollution, radon, indoor air quality, acid rain, and more. The second edition of a bestseller, this work explores common themes of air resource utilization and air protection with a section on air pollution and remediation. It contains ...;

Air Quality Guidelines: Global Update 2005. Particulate Matter, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide

by Earthprint Ltd

As well as revised guideline values, this book makes a brief yet comprehensive review of the issues affecting the application of the guidelines in risk assessment and policy development. Further, it summarizes information on:  pollution sources and levels in various parts of the world, population exposure and characteristics affecting sensitivity ...;

Sampling and Calibration for Atmospheric Measurements

by ASTM International

Papers explain how to design and carry out atmospheric sampling, how to reliably calibrate instruments, and thus how to obtain more reliable measurements in relation to understanding and controlling air pollution, work place atmospheres, and indoor air quality.;

Atlas of Odor Character Profiles

by ASTM International

Provides easy access to the odor character of 160 chemicals and mixtures; a data base for further research in the science of smell; and procedures to select and train panelists. For professionals in the field of food and beverage sciences, air and water pollution, indoor air quality control, cosmetics and hygiene, botany, psychology of ...;

Illustrated Dictionary and Resource Directory of Environmental and Occupational Health, Second Edition

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

The Illustrated Dictionary and Resource Directory of Environmental and Occupational Health, Second Edition is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive reference source for the vast and diverse collection of interrelated terms and topics that encompass the fields of environmental science, occupational health and safety, and preventive medicine. These topics ...;

Atmospheric Analysis

by ASTM International

Volume 11.07 provides standardized methods, practices, guides, and terminology pertaining to air quality in outdoor, indoor, and workplace environments. Analytes include inorganic compounds (e.g., lead, mercury, beryllium, various sulfur and nitrogen compounds), organic compounds (e.g., formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and ...;

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