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Kinetics of Metal Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions

The last two decades have seen significant developments in both the science of adsorption and the technology based on it. Adsorption of metal ions by hydrous oxides and adsorbents such as activated carbon has drawn the attention of a number of investigators interested in environmental problems. Since heavy metals are detrimental to a variety of living species, both the transport and distribution of metal ions through the environment, and their removal, are problems of significant importance. Generically, all these problems are directly related to the phenomenon of metal ion adsorption. Kinetics of Metal Ion Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions: Models, Algorithms, and Applications is a focused and practically orientated book that gives an introductory yet complete presentation of the subject. The matters treated in the book have both theoretical and practical significance. Audience: A reference for practitioners and researchers in environmental engineering. Can serve as a supplement to a graduate course on adsorption or a course on modelling of environmental engineering processes.
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