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Management from A to Zweig, Volume 2


Management From A to Zweig, Volume 2 is the book to own if you are serious about your firm’s success. The no-holds-barred advice from Mark Zweig contained in this publication provides your firm with:

  • The most recent weekly editorials from The Zweig Letter, which are built on Mark Zweig`s more than 30 years of industry experience 
  • Expert insight from the A/E/P and environmental consulting industry’s management consulting guru, Mark Zweig
  • Topics including firm leadership, ownership transition, marketing, revenue-generation, recruitment and retention, and more.

Regardless of your firm`s size, services, or clients, this volume will address your most pressing management, leadership, and financial needs.


Management From A to Zweig, Volume 2 is the management guide specifically tailored to A/E/P and environmental consulting firms. Industry guru Mark Zweig candidly shares his 30-plus years of experience through his weekly editorial in The Zweig Letter, and those columns are presented here in full detail.  

For more than two decades, Mark has been the voice of reason in the A/E/P and environmental industry. His weekly editorials in The Zweig Letter have inspired, informed, and sometimes infuriated AEC firm leaders across the country.

Management from A to Zweig, Volume 2 contains every editorial Mark has written for The Zweig Letter over the past five years on such topics as leadership, finance, valuation, ownership transition, marketing, business development, recruitment and retention, and more.

In his collegial and straightforward style, Mark gets right to the heart of the matter in each of his articles. He tells it like it is, shoots from the hip, and doesn’t hold his opinion on anything, which is exactly what makes his advice so valuable. Not only does he have the experience and the wisdom to know when something isn’t working, but he’s also got the guts to face firm leaders who aren’t addressing these issues. His insight can help lead to a better future for you and your firm.

This compendium of Mark’s writings is sure to be a resource you’ll use over and over again. Thousands of firm leaders just like you have embraced Mark’s gospel of growth and have experienced the resulting success of a well-managed firm.

Let Management From A to Zweig, Volume 2 walk you through the alphabet of challenges and opportunities you’ll face in the A/E/P and environmental consulting industry!

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