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Moisture Analysis and Condensation Control in Building Envelopes


This unique new manual provides an introduction to moisture analysis in buildings and examines the necessary technical background for conducting moisture analysis as an integral part of building design.. For the building practitioner without a deep knowledge in hygrothermal analysis, it offers a basic understanding of the mechanisms involved in moisture movement, condensation, and accumulation, as well as the tools for conducting analysis on simple building walls and roofs. For the intermediate and expert in moisture analysis, it adds recent state-of-the-art information on weather data, material properties, and an overview of single and multidimensional analysis models.

Also included is an accompanying CD-ROM with four programs. The first two are programs for converting properties of moist air: one, an excerpt from the Trane Toolbox program, is based on inch/pound units; the second, is a Danish program which uses dual units, SI, and a different version of inch/pound units.

The third and fourth programs are examples of moisture analysis models, MOIST and WUFI ORNL/IBP, which provide the reader with hands-on practice in the conduct of moisture analysis

Topics include:

• Moisture primer addressing hygrothermal mechanisms

• Weather and material data and failure criteria

• Analysis methods

• Manual methods

• MOIST and WUFI ORNL/IBP models

• Future trends

• Glossary of terms used in moisture analysis

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