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Natural and Laboratory Simulated Thermal Geochemical Processes

Natural and Laboratory-Simulated Thermal Geochemical Processes compares a series of thermal natural geochemical events with thermally laboratory-simulated processes. The emphasis is on the geothermal events occurring in nature compared with those simulated in the laboratory, thus furnishing important information at the molecular level for such processes. The book covers the following topics: -Generation of petroleum and its thermal cracking; -Pyrolysis of oil-shales; -Formation of coal and its gasification and liquification; -Thermal liquification of biomass; -Geothermal energy; -Thermal generation of fullerenes; -Thermal formation of diamonds; -Thermal analysis of organo-clay complexes; -Geochemical conditions for life emergence. This book updates the academic and industrial scientific community with the fate of organic and inorganic matter in our environment and especially in the geosphere when subjected to thermal treatment under natural and laboratory-simulation processes. The book is of interest to researchers in chemistry, geology, engineering, petrology, energy, and analytical laboratories, as well as for students specialising in the chemistry of natural products and geochemistry.
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