North Carolina Practice Guide—Handling Environmental Matters


Consider this text your guide to environmental laws affecting North Carolina businesses and governmental entities. Provides an overview of environmental agencies, laws, regulations, and policies. Explains the impact of major environmental programs, including the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Community Right to Know Act, RCRA, and Superfund, as well as state laws implementing and expanding on these programs. Offers helpful practice tips, examples, and forms that the authors have collected through their extensive experience with environmental matters.

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  • Compiled by the Environmental Law Practice Group of Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein, L.L.P., drawing on decades of experience
  • Complying with regulatory programs and what to do if out of compliance
  • Dealing successfully with environmental issues that may impede business transactions or property development
  • Outline format allows you to move quickly to topics

Summary Of Contents


  1. Introduction and Overview: Environmental Issues, Agencies, and Laws in North Carolina
  2. Environmental Issues in Business Operations
  3. Environmental Issues in Property Development
  4. Environmental Issues in Business Transactions
  5. Regulation of Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks
  6. Releases: Reporting and Cleanup
  7. Environmental Compliance Audits and Site Assessments
  8. Dealing with Agencies -- Investigations, Enforcement Actions and Administrative Appeals
  9. Environmental Litigation
  10. Insurance Coverage For Environmental Claims in North Carolina
  • Appendix A. Acronym Glossary
  • Appendix B. Contact List

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