Pesticide Formuations and Delivery Systems: 29th Volume

The latest in this continuing series provides 13 peer-reviewed papers covering the latest advances in crop protection technologies and updates on regulatory issues related to the use of pesticides and drift reduction technology.

13 peer-reviewed papers discuss:

Adjuvants—evaluates the effectiveness of various adjuvants on tembotrione; ammonium sulfate and various water conditioning agents with glyphosate; slow release technology, and much more.

Formulations—deals with processing shear time on EW formulations; alternative solvents and affect of chelating agents on the stabilization of formulations, and stabilization of suspension concentrates by double-comb polymers.

Methods/Regulatory—encompasses antifoaming and defoaming in spray tank mixes; the status of pesticides in Germany; and the method review process within CIPAC.

Applications—presents information on adjuvants for optimizing application and surfactant modeling.
Drift Reduction Technology—includes information on the drift reduction technology program.

Drift/Application—covers spray particle size and distribution as affected by various application parameters and using metal cations as tracers for spray deposits.

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