Quantitative Risk Assessment of Hazardous Materials Transport Systems

This volume highlights the main procedures for assessing the regional risks resulting from dangerous goods storage, and transportation by means of different systems (i.e., road, rail, ship, and pipeline). The information in the book is based on a wide range of references and studies. The main procedural steps involved in quantitative risk analysis for transportation systems are supported by relevant methods of risk assessment, as recognized at an international level. The book gives an overview of the criteria and guidelines applicable to the implementation of risk assessments and management at different stages. Chapter 1 describes the environmental and safety factors to consider when performing a transportation risk analysis for a region. Chapter 2 presents risk definitions and the methodology for analyzing transportation risks in a complex area. Chapter 3 presents general information about truck accidents and their consequences, and reviews the risk presented by road tunnels. Chapter 4 deals with transportation of hazardous materials by rail. Chapter 5 is concerned with the assessment of transportation risks on water ways. Chapter 6 furnishes a description of the transport pipelines for natural gas and petroleum products and describes the situation in Switzerland. Chapter 7 presents a compilation of statistical data related to accidents and the movement of dangerous goods. Chapter 8 is devoted to the description of data bases and computer support for risk assessment. Chapter 9 deals with integrated approaches for regional risk assessment and safety management with special emphasis to the transportation of hazardous materials. Chapter 10 presents several relevant case studies and miscellaneous information.
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