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Residual Chlorine Analyzers for Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications Performance Evaluation Report


This test reports presents both bench and field-test results of 11 instruments from six manufacturers of online chlorine residual analyzer systems utilizing amperometric, colorimetric and polarographic technologies.  Both free and total chlorine analyzers for water and wastewater treatment applications were field-tested at a calibration range of 0-2 mg/L.


Bench Tests

Bench tests were conducted in an environmentally controlled chamber in which one parameter at a time was changed to ascertain the individual effect and to evaluate accuracy related measurements and the effects of commonly encountered interferences.  Bench tests included warm-up effects; reagent addition; flow sensitivity; loss of sample; signal noise; calibration; drift; reproducibility; dead band; detection limit; response time; recovery time; ambient temperature effects; sample temperature effects and interference.

Field Tests

Field tests consisted of operating the free chlorine residual analyzers at an operating water treatment plant and the total residual chlorine analyzers at a wastewater treatment plant for a 45-day period. Laboratory conformance measurements were performed twice per day to compare with analyzer output to demonstrate the instrument`s overall accuracy when subjected to many simultaneously changing parameters as experienced in real-time monitoring conditions.  Field test results can can provide information regarding instrument design, operation and maintenance requirements which influence the performance of the instruments in field applications.

Instruments evaluated in this test report include:

Free Chlorine Residual Analyzers

Delta (Rosemont Analytical) Free Chlorine Model 924

Enterra (Hach American Sigma) Free Chlorine Model 5150

Fischer & Porter Free Chlorine Model Anachlor II

Hach Free Chlorine Model CL-17

Wallace & Tiernan Free Chlorine Model Micro 2000

Total Chlorine Residual Analyzers

Delta (Rosemont Analytical) Total Chlorine Model 925 & PWC-92125

Enterra (Hach American Sigma) Total Chlorine Model 5151T

Fischer & Porter Total Chlorine Model Anachlor II

Hach Total Chlorine Model CL-17

Orion Total Chlorine Model 1770

Wallace & Tiernan Total Chlorine Model Micro 2000

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