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Safe Furnace and Boiler Firing 2005 Edition – BP Process Safety Series

Winner of Frank Lees Medal 2004 as the most meritorious publication on the topic of safety and loss prevention

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A member of the BP Process Safety Series developed as a complement to safety training, this text makes the perfect reference tool and training aid. The book increases the awareness of operators within the chemical and process industries, to the hazards of furnace and boiler firing. It begins by explaining how furnaces and boilers work and discussing the different types and uses of furnaces and boilers within the process industries. The book then discusses the potential hazards relating to the possible uses, using examples of actual accidents to highlight the threats and explain the causes, giving general rules and procedures for safe firing. It raises the knowledge and awareness of operators to the dangers involved with firing furnaces and boilers, enabling them to use safe firing methods and helping them to spot hazards before accidents occur. The book concludes with a summary section reviewing the information presented, with a short self-test questionnaire allowing readers to test their understanding of the subject. An excellent introduction to the topic for students.
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Feb. 2005

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