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Safer Complex Industrial Environments: A Human Factors Approach

Safety management must be proactive as well as reactive and in complex industrial systems preparedness requires a sophisticated understanding of human factors as they relate to the functional characteristics of socio-technology systems. With a particular focus on nuclear power plants in Japan, this book provides a state-of-the-art account on how to make industrial systems safer. It examines views on modern human factors, looks at documented cases, and considers methods in practice today. Featuring the commentary of leading experts, the book describes how contemporary human factors science can be used to go beyond failure analysis to actively make complex industrial environments safer.

This text is based on a symposium honoring the 15th anniversary of The Institute of Nuclear Safety System (INSS) established in 1992 by the Kansai Electric Power Company following the Mihama-2 nuclear plant accident in Japan. The purpose of the INSS is to conduct comprehensive studies in order to improve the level of safety and reliability of nuclear power plants. INSS is comprised of two institutes, the Institute of Social Research and the Institute of Nuclear Technology, and the results of the research activities have been published worldwide.
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Sep. 2009

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