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Sample Preparation for Biomedical and Environmental Analysis

OnLine Sample Treatment for Column Liquid Chromatography; U.A.Th. Brinkman. Sample Preparation Using Supercritical Fluid Extraction; R.M. Smith, M.D. Burford.; (Post-Column) Reaction-Detection; H. Lingeman, U.A.Th. Brinkman. Proton Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy; I.D. Wilson, J.K. Nicholson. The Effect of Cartridge Conditioning in the Reversed-Phase Extraction of Basic Drugs; B. Law. Experiences with Automated Sample Preparation in Bioanalysis; V.S. Piscot, R.D. McDowall. Clinical Analytes from Biological Matrices; I.D. Wilson. A Rational Approach to the Development of Solid Phase Extraction Methods for Drugs in Biological Matrices; R.J. Simmonds, et al. The Analysis of Primary and Secondary Free Amino Acids in Biological Fluids; J.D.H. Cooper, et al. Introduction to Automated Sequential Trace Enrichment of Dialysates and its Application to the Analysis of Nucleosides in Plasma; A.R. Buick, C.T.C.F. Sheung. 14 additional articles. Index.
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