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STP 1282 is the first publication of its kind to address the vast array of challenges involved with obtaining accurate environmental specimens for pollution evaluation and remediation.

31 comprehensive peer-reviewed papers from leading experts in the fields of chemistry, geology, engineering, biology and risk assessment explore innovative approaches to the following categories: Sampling Systems • Water Safety and Risk Characterization • Direct Push Sampling • Sampling Media • Sampling Subsurface Media • Soil and Gas Sampling • Innovative Measurements • Sampling Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

STP 1486

PAVEMENT SURFACE CONDITION/PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT: Reliability and Relevancy of Procedures and Technologies

Table of Contents

An Automatic Pavement Surface Distress Inspection System—Y. Huang, B. Xu

Analysis of Error in Pavement Ground Truth Indicators for Evaluating the Accuracy of

Automated Image Collection and Analysis System—H. Lee, J. Kim

Analysis of Surface Inertial Profiles Measured on Jointed Portland Cement Pavements—N. Gagarin, J.R. Mekemson

Development of Pavement Smoothness Index Relationship—J. Chen, C. Huang

Harmonization of Macrotexture Measuring Devices—G.W. Flintsch, M. Huang, K. McGhee

Measuring Pavement Friction Characteristics at Variable Speeds for Added Safety—N.M. Jackson, B. Choubane, C. Holzschuher, S. Gokhale

Realistic Approach for Enhancing Reliability of Pavement Surface Friction Testing—S. Li, S. Noureldin, K. Zhu

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