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Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment

Featuring the contributions of industrial and academic experts, this volume discusses the fundamental and practical aspects of industrial water treatment. After an overview of water chemistry and the characteristics of mineral scales, the book addresses the formation and control of different scales in various systems. It covers membrane-based separation processes, reverse osmosis systems, and scale control in thermal distillation processes. It also discusses corrosion control and the interactions of polyelectrolytes with suspended matter. Lastly, the book examines bacteria in water supplies, analytical techniques for identifying mineral scales and deposits, polymer use, and the monitoring of parameters and chemicals used to treat industrial water systems. Table of Contents Mineral Scales and Deposits: An Overview. Crystal Growth Inhibition of Calcium Sulfate and Calcium Oxalates in Aqueous Solutions. Calcium Carbonate Scale Control in Industrial Water Systems. Calcium Carbonate: Polymorph Stabilization in the Presence of Inhibitors. Polymers as Scale and Deposit Control Agents. New Models for Calcium Phosphate Scale Formation and Dissolution. Design and Applications of Cooling Water Treatment Programs. Scale Control in Oil Field. Mineral Scales and Deposits in Geothermal Systems. Inhibition and Control of Silica and Metal Silicates in Aqueous Systems. Phosphate Containing Scale Formation in Wastewater. New Developments in Membrane-based Processes for Industrial Applications. Fouling Control In Membrane-based Desalination Systems. Development of Scale Control Inhibitors for Thermal Desalination Systems. Boiler Water Treatment. Corrosion Control in Industrial Water Systems. Interactions of Polyelectrolytes with Particulate Matter. Mechanistic Aspects of Heat Exchanger and Membrane Biofouling and Prevention. Biocides: Selection and Applications. Legionella in Water Systems. Analytical Techniques for Identifying Mineral Scales and Deposits. Polymers for Water Treatment: Types, Characterization, and Applications. Polymers for Wastewater Treatment. Recent Developments in Water Treatment Chemicals Monitoring.   This book is out of stock. Please refer to CRC Press to order this title.
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May 2010

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