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Seabed Fluid Flow

Seabed fluid flow involves the flow of gases and liquids through the sea bed. Such fluids have been found to leak through the seabed into the marine environment in seas and oceans around the world - from the coasts to deep ocean trenches. This geological phenomenon has widespread implications for the sub-seabed, seabed, and marine environments. Seabed fluid flow affects seabed morphology, mineralization, and benthic ecology. Natural fluid emissions also have a significant impact on the composition of the oceans and atmosphere, and gas hydrates and hydrothermal minerals are potential future resources. This book describes seabed fluid flow features and processes, and demonstrates their importance to human activities and natural environments. It is targeted at research scientists and professionals with interests in the marine environment.
• Provides a comprehensive worldwide treatment of seabed fluid flow and associated phenomena
• Gives an interdisciplinary account of the formation of all types of seabed fluid flow feature
• Analyses the impact of seabed fluid flow on natural processes, the marine environment, and offshore industries
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