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Standards on Dosimetry for Radiation Processing, Second Edition


This unique publication contains 31 of the latest standards on dosimetry for the radiation processing industry. These standards were developed by ASTM International's Subcommittee E10.01 on Dosimetry for Radiation Processing, which is comprised of most individuals, worldwide, known to be active in this field.

To complement the ASTM dosimetry effort, a working group (WG3 ) was formed in 1996 under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee TC85, and, after a period of 4 years, twenty of the completed ASTM standards were adopted by ISO. To prevent divergence of the ASTM and ISO versions of the standards at some future time, and to avoid duplication of effort, a Pilot Project was then created between ISO and ASTM to allow ASTM to remain in charge of the maintenance of the resulting published ISO/ASTM standards, with unrestricted participation from the ISO experts.

Twenty-five dosimetry standards have now been published as ISO/ASTM standards, and are included in this publication. Two of the standards are specifically for food irradiation applications, but the majority apply to all forms of gamma, X-ray, and electron-beam radiation processing, including dosimetry for the sterilization of health care products, for the radiation processing of fruits, vegetables, meats, spices, processed foods, plastics, inks, medical wastes and paper, and for the sterilization of insects.

Most of the standards specify exact procedures for using individual dosimetry systems or for characterizing various types of irradiation facilities. Others cover the selection and calibration of dosimetry systems, dose mapping, mathematical methods for calculating dose, and the treatment of uncertainties using the ISO-recommended Type A and Type B method for estimating measurement uncertainty. Additional standards are now being developed by ASTM Subcommittee E10.01.

This publication also includes five published ASTM dosimetry standards which have not yet been proposed as ISO/ASTM standards. Seventeen of the standards are either revisions of versions in the first edition of this publication or are completely new standards. This volume also contains ASTM Terminology Standard E170, which provides definitions of terms that apply to radiation measurements and dosimetry, and a Glossary consisting of an alphabetical listing of all the definitions found in the individual dosimetry standards.

This volume is a valuable resource for operators of commercial radiation processing plants, operators and researchers at university and government research facilities, government regulators and inspectors, and dosimetry experts worldwide.

Standards on DOSIMETRY for RADIATION PROCESSING, Second Edition

Table of Contents


ISO/ASTM 51204:2004 Dosimetry in Gamma Irradiation Facilities for Food Processing
ISO/ASTM 51205:2002 Use of a Ceric-Cerous Sulfate Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51275:2004 Use of a Radiochromic Film Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51276:2002 Use of a Polymethylmethacrylate Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51310:2004 Use of a Radiochromic Optical Waveguide Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51400:2003 Characterization and Performance of a High¿Dose Radiation Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory
ISO/ASTM 51401:2003 Use of a Dichromate Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51431:2002 Dosimetry in Electron and Bremsstrahlung Irradiation Facilities for Food Processing
ISO/ASTM 51538:2002 Use of the Ethanol-Chlorobenzene Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51540:2004 Use of a Radiochromic Liquid Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51607:2004 Use of the Alanine-EPR Dosimetry System
ISO/ASTM 51608:2002 Dosimetry in an X-Ray (Bremsstrahlung) Facility for Radiation Processing
ISO/ASTM 51631:2003 Use of Calorimetric Dosimetry Systems for Electron Beam Dose Measurements and Dosimeter Calibrations
ISO/ASTM 51649:2002 Dosimetry in an Electron-Beam Facility for Radiation Processing at Energies
Between 300 keV and 25 MeV
ISO/ASTM 51650:2002 Use of Cellulose Acetate Dosimetry Systems
ISO/ASTM 51702:2004 Dosimetry in a Gamma Irradiation Facility for Radiation Processing
ISO/ASTM 51818:2002 Dosimetry in an Electron Beam Facility for Radiation Processing at Energies
Between 80 and 300 keV
ISO/ASTM 51939:2002 Blood Irradiation Dosimetry
ISO/ASTM 51956:2002 Thermoluminescence-Dosimetry (TLD) Systems for Radiation Processing
ISO/ASTM 52116-2002 Dosimetry for a Self-Contained Dry-Storage Gamma-Ray Irradiator
ASTM E 1026-04 Using the Fricke Reference Standard Dosimetry System
ASTM E 2304-03 Use of a LiF Photo-Fluorescent Film Dosimetry System


ISO/ASTM 51261:2002 Selection and Calibration of Dosimetry Systems for Radiation Processing
ISO/ASTM 51539:2002 Use of Radiation-Sensitive Indicators
ISO/ASTM 51707:2002 Estimating Uncertainties in Dosimetry for Radiation Processing
ISO/ASTM 51900:2002 Dosimetry in Radiation Research on Food and Agricultural Products
ISO/ASTM 51940:2004 Dosimetry for Sterile Insect Release Programs
ASTM E 2232-02 Selection and Use of Mathematical Methods for Calculating Absorbed Dose inRadiation ProcessingApplications
ASTM E 2303-03 Absorbed-Dose Mapping in Radiation Processing Facilities
ASTM E 2381-04 Dosimetry in Radiation Processing of Fluidized Beds and Fluid Streams


ASTM E 170-99e1 Terminology Relating to Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry
Glossary—Standard Terminology Pertaining to Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry


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