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Steel Forgings, 2nd Volume


Contains information on the latest state-of-the-art technology in steel forgings research. 25 comprehensive, peer-reviewed papers from the world's leading professionals in the field offer the most current manufacturing techniques, applications and testing developments. Key areas explored:

Pressure vessel and nuclear forgings -- 6 papers examine such topics as forged stainless steel reactor piping, steam generator forging developments and forgings designed for high pressure hydrogen environments in the petrochemical industry.

General industrial forgings -- Process model development for the optimization of forging disks, forging hammer force calculation,thermally induced residual stress relief and improved high strength steels toughness are among the issues covered in 11 papers.

Turbine and generator forgings -- 8 papers discuss topics ranging from martensitic stainless steels development for turbine rotors and blades, to vast technological developments in superclean steel forging, and high pressure/low pressure rotor shafts in a modified high temperature steel.

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