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Technology Transfer for the Ozone Layer Lessons for Climate Change


Technology transfer - the development of practical applications and commercialization of research for positive environmental outcomes - is the crux of many of the 230 international environmental treaties. It is also widely viewed as essential to the Kyoto Protocol and success in the global fight against climate change. While debate rages about obstacles to the switch to environmentally sound technologies, until now there has been no comprehensive assessment of what actually works.The authors, leaders in the field, look at the results of 1000 technology transfer investment projects funded under the Montreal Protocol's Multi-lateral Fund. They present the lessons, including
insider accounts from a variety of sectors, to demonstrate how and under what circumstances technology transfer works for successful environmental outcomes. Crucially,
the authors also identify generic principles and lessons that can be applied to the Kyoto Protocol, its post-2012 successor and numerous other critical environmental contexts including marine and air pollution, hazardous waste, biodiversity and desertification. Ultimately the book provides the only thorough assessment of successful technology transfer of the nature and scale required for combating climate change and other global environmental challenges.

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