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The Atmosphere and Ionosphere

The main topics of the book are the analysis of reactions in the atmosphere-ionosphere system and the influence of natural and technogenic processes on them. The book also examines a range of related research from an international field. In all, five sections of the volume cover the dynamics of atmospheric aerosols; the dynamics of an ionosphere and atmosphere and their communication through an ionosphere; elementary processes in the upper atmosphere and an ionosphere; electromagnetic and optical phenomena in atmosphere, including long-lived and plasma objects; and Information systems of environment monitoring and prevention of incidents. The primary goals of the text are to reveal the interrelations of the dynamics of various atmospheric layers, as well as discovering the parameters of the atmosphere and ionosphere and establishing the role of various physical factors in the phenomena. The aim is to forecast the dynamics of environment in the development of external perturbations. The research subjects covered in this text are of interest to a wide range of investigators working in various areas of science and technology, as the work has major implications in a number of fields such as air and space travel.
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