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The Cement Sustainability Initiative: Our Agenda for Action, leaflet

The Agenda for Action represents the cement industry’s response to research and stakeholder meetings focused on how to make the sector more sustainable. It outlines a set of individual and joint initiatives to be tracked and reported on in 2005 and 2007.

The Agenda for Action has been developed as a response to research and stakeholder meetings, a three-year effort of scoping, research and stakeholder consultation looking at what sustainable development means for the future of the cement industry. The Agenda sets out a work program for the next five years focusing on six main work areas: climate protection, fules and raw materials, employee health and safety, emissions reduction, local impacts, and internal business processes. The Battelle study was commissioned by the WBCSD as one of a series of member-sponsored projects aimed at converting sustainable development concepts into action. The report represents the independent research efforts of the Battelle Memorial Institute and its colleagues to identify critical issues for the cement industry today, and pathways toward a more sustainable future.
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