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The Clean Air Act Handbook, Second Edition

The updated and expanded edition of The Clean Air Act Handbook is a current guide to one of the most complicated and extensive pieces of environmental legislation ever written. This thoughtful, well-written analysis of the Clean Air Act is comprehensive in scope, providing detailed coverage not only of the statute, but also a careful examination of the EPA's implementing regulations and policy guidance.

With more rules and guidance documents issued by the EPA in the past ten years than in the previous two decades, the need for an updated edition of this comprehensive manual is greater than ever. Updated to include the numerous recent developments and initiatives relating to the statute, The Clean Air Act Handbook provides a broad and balanced perspective on all pertinent issues relating to the CAA. It brings together the experience and knowledge of 29 private and public sector Clean Air Act practitioners, including those in law firms, industry, environmental groups, and the U.S. EPA.

An ideal reference source for the experienced practitioner as well as a tool for the more general environmental lawyer, The Clean Air Act Handbook covers the entire statute, not just the 1990 amendments. It deals with such key issues as new source review and recent changes to the program's rules, hazardous air pollutants, the permit program, and civil and criminal enforcement. New chapters have been added to address issues that are growing in importance to CAA practitioners: regional transport and state implementation plan issues and global climate change.

Each chapter is followed by detailed citations to the statute, cases, regulations, legislative history and EPA guidance. The Handbook includes a current list of EPA web sites containing information on Clean Air Act issues and a list of all regional office web site addresses. The book also includes a general glossary of acronyms and related terms as well as a comprehensive index.<
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