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The Climate in Historical Times

The project 'Climate in Historical Times' (KIHZ) represents an integrative approach by geoscientists and climate modellers to analyse the dynamics of natural climate variability during the Holocene. This volume summarises the outcome of a KIHZ summer school. The meeting dealt with a variety of topics related to natural climate variability, ranging from reconstructions of past climate using so-called 'proxy data' derived from ice cores, lake sediments, tree rings and corals. These data are used to validate and assimilate climate models. The first part of this volume provides an overview of the climate system and its dynamics. It uses climate models of differing complexity and the resources of different archives in order to reconstruct past climate. The second part describes the latest achievements of the KIHZ members in their endeavours to reconstruct past climate by using proxy data, statistical analyses and climate models.
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