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The Global Climate System

Over the last 20 years, developments in climatology have provided an amazing array of explanations for the pattern of world climates. This textbook examines the earth's climate systems in light of this incredible growth in data availability, data retrieval systems, and satellite and computer applications. It considers regional climate anomalies, developments in teleconnections, unusual sequences of recent climate change, and human impacts upon the climate system. The physical climate forms the main part of the book, but it also considers social and economic aspects of the global climate system. This textbook has been derived from the authors' extensive experience of teaching climatology and atmospheric science. Each chapter contains an essay by a specialist in the field to enhance the understanding of selected topics. An extensive bibliography is included and lists of web sites for further study. This textbook will be invaluable to advanced students of climatology and atmospheric science.

• Provides a modern, readable account of recent advances that help explain regional and global climates
• Selected short essays on special topics by respected researchers included within the text
• Introduces teleconnections, the concept that change in one part of the earth system influences another often quite distant location, and relates it to world-wide climate processes and patterns
• Emphasises the reasons for climate variability and climate impacts
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Aug. 2006

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