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The Kleiner Feldberg Cloud Experiment 1990

The physical and chemical properties and processes of clouds are of great interest from a variety of perspectives, such as acid deposition, oxidant chemistry, and radiative transfer in the atmosphere. The Kleiner Feldberg Cloud Experiment was conducted in October--November 1990 at the field observatory of Kleiner Feldberg near Frankfurt, Germany, in the Taunus Highlands. The experiment was planned and organized within the EUROTRAC sub- project GCE (Ground-Based Cloud Experiment). The general aim of this project is to experimentally investigate physical and chemical processes occurring in ground-based clouds, to provide the basic information needed to understand the incorporation and transformation of trace atmospheric constituents within the multiphase cloud system. This book reports the results of the Kleiner Feldberg Cloud Experiment, addressing the main scientific questions related to the properties of clouds and the processes taking place in the cloud multiphase system. How are the different atmospheric trace species partitioned between gas phase, interstitial aerosols, cloud droplets? What kind of physical and chemical processes cause changes in the phase partitioning of trace species within clouds? Which interactions can be found between the microphysical and dynamical processes in clouds and the chemical composition of cloud droplets? Is the chemical composition of cloud droplets size-dependent, as can be expected by the different scavenging processes? Which influence do chemical reactions have on cloud water chemical composition? Does the gas/liquid partitioning in cloud obey Henry's law? How important is the deposition of atmospheric trace substances due to cloud droplet interception with the Earth's surface? Are the sampling techniques for aerosols and cloud droplets reliable with respect to their chemical composition? This book provides updated information on cloud research to scientists involved in other fields of...
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