Tolley`s Health & Safety at Work Handbook 2008 20th edition

Written by a team of experts on health and safety, this popular handbook provides an authoritative reference source covering key aspects of health and safety law and practice, as well as related environmental and employment information, in an easy-to-use A-Z format. Providing clear interpretation of legislation and regulations, on a range of subjects from accident reporting to workplaces and welfare facilities.
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Oct. 2007

The Handbook has been significantly revised and includes substantial updates to the following chapters: Access, traffic routes and vehicles, Asbestos, Business continuity, Community health and safety, Confined spaces, Construction and building operations, Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres, Employers’ liability insurance, Environmental Management, First aid, Managing Absence, Managing health and safety training and competence in occupational safety and health, Occupational, health and diseases, Pressure systems, Radiation, Rehabilitation, Safe systems of work, Statements of health and safety policy, Ventilation; Vulnerable persons, Work at heights, Workplaces - health, safety and welfare.

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