Tree Rings and Natural Hazards

Dedication.- Foreword: Dendrogeomorphology beginnings and futures – a personal message.- 1 Tree rings and natural hazards – an introduction.- 2 Snow avalanches.- 2.1 Dendrogeomorphology and snow avalanche research.- 2.2 Tree-ring dating of snow avalanches in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.- 2.3 Tracking past snow avalanches in the SE Pyrenees.- 2.4 Tree-ring based reconstruction of past snow avalanche events and risk assessment in Northern Gaspé (Quebec, Canada).- 2.5 Using dendrochronology to validate numerical simulations of snow avalanches in the Patagonian Andes.- 3.0 Landslides.- 3.1 Dating landslides with trees.- 3.2 Dendrogeomorphological analysis of a landslide near Lago, Calabria (Italy).- 3.3 Tree-ring analysis and rockfall avalanches – the use of weighted samples.- 3.4 Age of landslides along the Grande Riviére de la Baleine esturary, eastern coast of Hudson Bay, Quebec (Canada).- 3.5 Rainfall up, mountain down?.- 4.0 Rockfall.- 4.1 Rocfalls and their hazard.- 4.2 Assessing rockfall activity in a mountain forest – implications for hazard assessment.- 4.3 Tree-ring based rockfall reconstruction and accuracy assessment of a 3D rockfall model.- 4.4 Assessment of the rockfall frequency for hazard analysis at Solá d’Andorra (Eastern Pyrenees).- 4.5 Reconstruction and spatial analysis of rockfall frequency and bounce heights derived from tree-ring analysis.- 5.0 Debris flows.- 5.1 State of the art in debris flow research: the role of dendrochronology.- 5.2 Using event and minimum age dating for the assessment of hazards on a debris-flow cone.- 5.3 Dendrogeomorphic applications to debris flows in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.- 5.4 Frequency-magnitude relationships, seasonality and spread of debris flows on a forested cone.- 5.5 High-precision dating of debris-flow events within the growing season.- 6.0 Flooding.- 6.1 Tree-rings as paleoflood and paleostage indications.- 6.2 The effects of hydroelectric flooding on a reservoir’s peripheral forest and...
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