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Tropospheric Chemistry

The formation, transport and impact of photo-oxidants, e.g., ozone, is a major environmental problem in densely populated areas with corresponding high emissions of ozone precursor substances such as NOx and volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC). Although major progress has been achieved within the last decade, there are still significant uncertainties in our understanding of the chemical behavior of the polluted atmosphere, in particular the interaction between cities and surrounding areas as well as the contribution of pollution to the global changes, e.g., the oxidation capacity of the troposphere. This book focuses on specific issues related to the chemistry of polluted atmospheres. The main issues cover areas such as modelling, emission inventories, chemical transformation as well as transport of pollutants on an urban/regional scale. The overall topic of the book is addressed in an interdisciplinary approach. The book is of specific interest for advanced researchers in tropospheric chemistry, from the PhD or post-doctoral levels and beyond.
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