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Undernourishment and economic growth. The efficiency cost of hunger (En)

Series: FAO Economic and Social Development Papers

This paper investigates the relationship between nutrition and economic growth at the aggregate level by examining the magnitude of the effects of undernourishment on economic growth and identifying the channels of transmission of such effects (direct effects on productivity and via impacts on health). In addition to this basic relationship, a number of other important relationships are investigated: (a) regional differences regarding the impact of under-nourishment on growth; (b) the impact that possible errors in measuring nutritional variables may have on the robustness of the estimated nutrition-growth relationship; and (c) the existence of 'nutritional traps', i.

e. the vicious circle of low nutrition-low economic growth-low nutrition. The basic conclusion of the paper - that undernourishment can be a serious handicap in the efforts of countries to achieve economic growth - suggests that actions taken to feed the hungry have a strong growth dimension in addition to their humanitarian character. This paper makes a significant contribution to the literature on the factors that account for the differences in growth performance across countries and regions.
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