Urban Water Management Science Technology and Service Delivery

Urban water management issues are particularly important in the countries in transition in Central and Eastern Europe. During the last decade, political, economic and social changes in these countries have influenced almost every element of the public sector, including water services. There is an urgent need for the various countries to exchange information on this issue and to identify the best approaches to achieve this transition. The book focuses on the acute problems in the field of Urban Water Management in Central and Eastern Europe countries in transition, giving a first-class illustration of the transfer of know-how from traditional NATO countries. The following issues are discussed: -Wastewater impacts on receiving waters and groundwater; -Urban drainage planning and management; -Urban flood protection and management; -Combined sewer overflow management and control; -Challenges to urban water supply; -Wastewater technologies and management; -Urban river catchment management - case studies; -Private sector participation in urban water services delivery - case studies; -Information technologies in urban water management - case studies (GIS, data management, etc.).
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